How to Boost Your Libido... Get Rock-Hard Erections...Develop Robust Sexual Stamina...And Go Multiple Rounds In Bed...Without Pills Like Viagra

If you will like to super-charge your sex drive and be able to satisfy your woman in bed without the help of expensive and dangerous pills like Viagra...I have good news for you.

AdetonyFrom; Adetony

Lagos Nigeria

But before I tell you about the good news, let me ask you a question:

Do you know the MAIN reason
why a lot of men are unable to go more
than one round in bed?

The answer may be surprising to you but it is TRUE.

The REASON is because of loss of
Natural Male Energy. Simple!

  • This same reason is what is affecting any man who is having problem with getting an erection or men who are suffering from weak erections.

  • This same problem is the reason why a large percentage of men are unable to perform well in bed after the age of 35 and this starts to affect everything they do.

  • This same reason is why a lot of men are spending outrageous amounts of money everyday on pills and drugs that are making them infertile...weak and sexually insignificant

  • Because of this same reason, at least 1 man in 10 is reporting full erectile dysfunction problems, and 3 in 10 have occasional erection problems.

But the good news is all this has to stop now because
you are about to gain access to the ONE solution
that tackles all these issues right from their root.

I have just completed an unusual guide that any man...not only in Nigeria can use starting from tonight to kick their sexual life into high gear.

This unusual guide is titled Man Power and the contents of this manual is about to change your life in a way that will amaze you.

Man Power is based on the results of years and years of research that is mostly unknown to a lot of doctors except if they are specialized in this area

That is why a lot of men are still unable to fix this
problem even after seeing a doctor

Man Power will dramatically change your life but before I say anything else, let me show you some of the things that you will gain from this amazing manual.

Secrets Like:

  • A secret sex food that has the unusual power to boost your libido... so powerful that even priests are forbidden to eat it. (Flip over to page 51 to discover it)

  • Want to boost your sperm count increase your ability to impregnate a woman? Then try these 3 things and you will be surprised with the results. (see pages 44- 45)

  • Do you want to increase your chances of getting boy babies? Read page 39.

  • One form of strength-exercise that will multiply your chances of having a boy-child when you impregnate a woman (This exercise boosts your male essence and also makes your stronger) - Details on Pages 39 - 40

  • Discover the main foundation for an ultra-super sex life that most men over the ages of 20 do not take very important. (Pages 18 - 20)

  • Discover an ancient fruit (which is still available this day) that is been used to induced sexual prowess in men - This fruit is very rich in sexual nutrients. In the olden days , virgin women were forbidden to leave their houses when this fruit is been harvested. - (Check out more details about this fruit on pages 52 - 53.)

  • What makes you man? If you think it is because you have a penis, that is probably why you have been buying a lot of solutions to fix your penis when this is what you are supposed to be fixing. (Flip over for details on pages 10 - 12)

  • How many cups of water do you take daily? (See pages 15 - 17)

  • The NATURAL Viagra - Do you know you can create your own Viagra using natural fruits? Instead of wasting your time and endangering your life on Viagra, this simple solution will jolt your sexual energy and will do it without side effects. (Pages 53 - 55)

  • How you can get SOLID and HARDER erections WITHOUT spending money on Viagra, Agbo, Alabukun or any other worthless drugs and herbs advertised everywhere

  • A sexual act practiced by most men which they don’t know will increase their chances of impotence by 1,700%!- (Pages 40 and 50)

  • The simplest way to have harder, stronger erections almost without effort - Page 11

I am still going to tell you about other amazing things that Ultimate Man Power will do for you but before then, let me share 3 deep truths with you.

You might be saying to yourself: "What do I need Ultimate Man Power for? Can't I just get a drug that can solve this problem for me instantly?"

Let me tell you the REAL truth here about
these so called INSTANT Result drugs

Number 1 - 80% of the drugs sold out there are useless. They are just created by people with no-conscience who just wants to collect your hard earned money. If you think I am lying...ignore this guide...spend the next 30 days buying and using different drugs.

Number 2 - Let me tell you what happens if you are even lucky to lay your hands on a drug that does work - When you start to use them, they will work well for you but after some time, you will discover that they no longer work again. Then, you are out there again...looking for what will work. (Ask Viagra users if you think this is just to sell my products)

Number 3 - Most of these drugs destroy the natural way that your body is supposed to work and the result is that you are left  a weak...and docile man.

Ultimate Man Power was not ONLY created to help you overcome your sexual problems at the moment .


Ultimate Man Power was also created so that you can TRULY regain your
masculine energy and take it with you into your old days.

When you start to apply the information inside Ultimate Man Power, you will be surprised at how much Male energy that you will begin to possess...

Some days you’ll feel like you’re a 20 year old man: full of powerful sexual energy and ready to go at the drop of a hat.

What’s more, you’ll forget about any erection problems naturally and permanently. No drugs, no expensive treatments or injections.

And you won’t find this information just anywhere…

Read What a Customer Shared About How Ultimate Man Power Boosted His Sexual Life

Adetony, adetony, adetony, how many times did I call you sir, how will you keep this information to you for so so long and allow me to suffer for many years without much sexual stamina. But I tank God say I come across your product through friend, and since I have started following your recommendation from the day I bought it from you, I can boldly say there is amazing strength inside of me and I have started going for 3 round per night. I beg you rock Tony, thank you and God go bless you.

- Richard, Port Harcourt

Here are More Secrets
You Will Get From This
Amazing Ultimate Man Power Guide:

  • Why and what drugs are not helpful for you and what supplements you can count on to boost your sexual desire and performance. (Pages 41-43)

  • producing foods that you should begin to include in your diet to boost your sex drive and fire up your erections fast when you need it. (Page 51)

  • Short...Workouts that help you increase the amount of testosterone in your body which results in high surges of sexual energy...and helps you last longer in bed without much effort.(Pages 11 - 14)

  • How to push all the poison and other bad stuffs out of your body (These are things that you have accumulated as a result of chemicals, drugs, stress and they are destroying how your body should work) - (Pages 56 - 60)

  • What BAD foods are you eating right now that are destroying your libido? Discover them right now and stop eating them

  • A MALE Detox diet that will push out all those libido-killing chemicals from your body - Page 56

  • How to jolt up your body to function naturally as a man and even burn ugly body fat while doing so. Pages 58 - 66

  • The TRUTH about alcohol - How does drinking beer and other alcohol affect your sexual energy as man? The answers will surprise you. (Check page 64)

  • Do you have man boobs? Flip over to pages 27 & 28 to see what this has to do with your sexual energy?

  • And a lot of other amazing stuff

Will Ultimate Man Power Work For You?

Yes. I believe Man Power will work for any man who uses it.

That is why you should make sure you keep a copy of it for your male children or any man that you would like to help now or in the future.

And...I am not just saying this because of the long hours of research and the money it took to create this guide.

I am saying this because all my products have received an over-abundance of positive testimonies from users because they work!

It is an unbelievable that I last longer than I used to after reading your report, my girlfriend is now giving me more respect now that my sexual stamina has turned around, no more complain of you're too weak, you cannot go pass one round, you too this, your too that from her anymore. I just want to say thank you very much for helping guy like me, whalahi, I no dey shame again for sex.

- Abu, Kano

You are really God sent Dr Tee, I can't just believe how I continue to grow from strength to strength, lasting longer with so much sexual stamina. Honestly, I have wasted money on unnecessary drugs that almost turn me to drug addicts every time I love to have sex, but with your natural man power, I can only say women are in trouble now, lol. Thank you for helping men like me to begin enjoy sex more I used to enjoy it before

- Chucks, from Anambra

Need To See More Testimonies? Send Me an Email

The truth is...I can load this page with lots and lots of positive feedbacks that my products are getting from real customers but they will all be saying one message which is...These products work like gangbusters!

So, How Can You Get a Copy Of Man Power Right Now and at Which Price?

First, let me say Ultimate Man Power is ONLY available for purchase on this website.

It is NOT available in bookstores just like any of my other publications and the reason for this is because it is far easier and cheaper to distribute my books online than through a bookstore.

I could price Ultimate Man Power at N25,000 and it will still be worth every single penny of it.


Do you know people pay a shigh as N35,000 to buy worthless drugs and herbs are because the people buying them are ignorant?

That tells you that this Ultimate Man power guide could be priced for N25,000 and it is worth it.

But I won't charge N25,000 for this guide.

I want to make the price affordable and also worth the value in it. That is why the REAL price of ultimate man power is N7,500 only.

But Wait!

Instead of paying the full N7,500 at once, I want you to TRY out the secrets inside the Ultimate Man power guide right now for just N5,000 only. You can pay the remaining N2500 later on.

 I am doing this to ensure that you have no excuse whatsoever for not trying out the secrets in the ultimate man power guide.

So, here is what I am saying again....

TRY Out The Secrets Inside the Ultimate Man Power Guide Right Now for Just N5,000.

You can pay the remaning N2500 later on.

Even if you are doubting, N5000 is a throw-away price that you can use to try this out today...unless you are satisfied with your sexual performance at the moment.


When You Try Ultimate Man Power for Just N5,000, You Will Also Get a Special Bonus Report.

This bonus report is titled:


"How to GUARANTEE Frequent...Rock-Hard Erections Even at Age 67 Just By Spending 15 Minutes a Day on 3 Simple Activities"

Special Bonus 2


Discover How to Make Your Woman Do  Any Pleasure Intensifying Things in Bed.

But Then I Still Want To Save You Any Worries Whatsoever!

I know you may have tried other things in the past to boost up your sexual energy and erections, and you may be wondering and thinking, “Will this Ultimate Man Power really deliver as Adetony said it will?"

I want to save you that worry by giving you . . .

A 90-Day “It Will Work Or You Get Your Money Back In FULL” Guarantee!

Here’s what I mean ...


I’m so confident that the information in Ultimate Man Power will work for you. So I say go ahead and get it.

Use it for the next 90 Days. If anytime within the next 90 days after your purchase, you do not see any result, simply email me at 
uncletony (at)
 and I will give you a FULL 100% refund of your investment.

Yes, I am that confident that the information in Ultimate Man Power will work for you. It has worked for me. It has worked for others. It will work for you.


Here Is How You Can Get Your
Copy of Ultimate Man Power Today:


WARNING – Please, follow the instructions step by step below to avoid delay in the delivery of your copy of the Ultimate Man Power Guide.

This guide is only available in form of a digital guide that you can download and read instantly on your computer, Blackberry, Android Tab or Ipad.


To get a copy now, follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 – Deposit the sum of =N=5,000 only into any branch of Guarantee Trust Bank or Zenith Bank in Nigeria.

See bank account details below:

NOTE – You may also pay via online transfer if you operate an internet banking account. Details of bank account to be credited is:

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Account Name: Anthony Adeokun

Account Number: 0124438414


Zenith Bank Account Name: Anthony Adeokun

Account Number: 2009774188  STEP

2 -After making the payment, send the details of your payments to this email address; or Send it as text messages to; 09093829879

Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says:

Ultimate man power.

The details to be sent are:

1. Your Full Name 2. Your Email Address

3. Teller Number (Only if you paid cash at the Bank) That is all you have to do.

Once we receive your payment email and your payment has been confirmed from the bank, you will get an email which would contain the download link to the Ultimate Man Power Guide.


This option is for those who which to make payment online with their ATM Card and people that GTB and Zenith Bank are not available in their area.

You can make payments with your ATM card right away by clicking the order button below. You will be taken to a secure page where you can enter your correct ATM details.

If the details you entered are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will be redirected to the download page where you can immediately have access to the materials.

(Please don't close the page, let it re-direct you to other page to download your copy of Ultimate ManPower successfully).

If you don’t have account with simplePay, just click on; Don’t have a SimplePay Account? CLICK HERE TO PAY and put your Card Details to make payment for Ultimate Man Power Guide.

NOTE – Once again, note that the Ultimate Man Power Guide and the bonuses are digital reports.

This means nothing whatsoever will be shipped.

By the way, if you are a part of the few people who are smart to get a copy of Ultimate Man Power this week, I have a surprise bonus for you that will blow your mind.

But you will only get the surprise if you are one of the first people to get a copy today.Get in now.

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PS - Ultimate Man Power will no longer be available for the trial price of  N5000 very soon.

Take advantage of the discount available to you right now and save yourself some money while you get full access to all the incredible benefits inside Man Power.

P.P.S - Once again, Man Power is NOT a drug.

Ultimate Man Power is a complete guide in form of a digital book and it contains more than enough information to turn you into a sexually energetic man.

Part of the information in Man Power is dedicated to foods, drinks and supplements etc that will help you. Ultimate Man Power can be downloaded to your computer so that you can start to go through it within 2 minutes of downloading it.

Get a copy today for a low price of N5,000 while it is still available.